Visit us

Discover the magic of Cristaland through various ways of engagement with our nurturing land. Whether you're a guest, a volunteer, a working guest, or a co-working guest, each role offers a unique perspective and experience

As a guest

🏕️ Immerse yourself in the tranquility of Cristaland, absorbing the natural beauty and engaging in our community activities while enjoying our facilities and environment.

As a working guest

⛏️ Exchange your skills and time for meals, accommodation, and a transformative experience, contributing to the daily tasks and projects of our community

As a volunteer

🤝 Dive deeper into the heart of Cristaland by volunteering, providing your services in various areas, from land management to guest services, in exchange for a unique and rewarding experience

As an office guest

💻 Combine work and leisure at Cristaland by using our serene environment as your temporary office space, gaining a refreshing perspective while meeting your professional needs.