Our rules

1. 🌱 We're all about growth at Cristaland, fostering open hearts, bodies, and spirits in a setting of fraternal companionship. Here, love and joy fuel mutual support, creativity 🎨, and experimentation.

2. 🌿 We are guardians of nature, strictly following environmentally-friendly practices, including cleanliness. 
❌Chemical detergents are off-limits.

3. 🚫 We uphold a zero-tolerance policy against the use of drugs and alcohol, regardless of the reason.

4. 🚭 Smoking is only permitted in the designated smoking area.

5. 🐶 Dogs must remain leashed and are only allowed in the car park area. Aggressive or unsocialized dogs may be asked to leave the property.

6. 🔥 From mid-April to mid-October, no fires are permitted throughout Cristaland. Outside this period, fires can only be lit at designated fireplaces.