About Cristaland

Cristaland, tucked within nature's embrace, is a haven of healing. Here, rejuvenation awaits beneath our ancient trees, as community camaraderie and engaging events foster internal and external healing. 

Our 12-hectare expanse brims with cork, pine, fig, eucalyptus, olive, and palm trees - natural sanctuaries cleansing and healing in harmony with our community.

We cherish sharing this enchanting realm, welcoming all who find comfort here, be they guests, volunteers, or family. In Cristaland, societal expectations dissolve - here, everyone is free to be their authentic self. Our 'Peaceful Kingdom' is an open family where all who respect our rules become part of our collective journey.

Our philosophy transcends the traditional notion of 'MINE'. To us, this land belongs to all who tread upon it. Each person at Cristaland pledges to serve this land, enhancing its beauty, restoring its balance, and guarding it from harm.

Despite the expansiveness of our property, it maintains a close-knit community spirit. Yet, it also affords space for solitude. Its strategic location, cocooned in verdant nature, is but a stone's throw from the vibrant city of Lagos, with its stunning beaches and bustling markets.
In our community, we embrace diversity and shun judgment. 

Our 'kingdom' is governed by Love, aiming to foster an environment where each individual can flourish as their best self. Join us at Cristaland, where love leads and healing blossoms.

Our infrastructure

Immerse yourself in the lush forest and captivating nature that surrounds us. Whether you choose to take a tranquil walk or recharge beneath the canopy of our majestic trees, you're sure to find serenity here.

Our refreshing natural pool is the perfect place to cool down and reconnect with the calming energy of water.

Cook up a storm in our self-service 🌙 Moon Kitchen, or join the volunteer family for freshly prepared meals in the ☀️ Sun Kitchen.

Our two event areas, the covered dome and the tranquil Shanti Deck nestled in the forest, provide spaces for gatherings, workshops, and celebrations.

Choose from a range of accommodation options 🏕️: park your van or caravan, set up a tent in our charming forest, or rent one of our cozy tents or yurts.

In both kitchens filtered ground water is available that we drink.

Freshen up in one of our three outdoor or two indoor 🚿 showers.

Gather around one of our two 🔥 bonfire areas (only in use from mid-October to mid-April) for warmth, storytelling, and community bonding.

Our proximity to Lagos (only 5 km away!) offers you access to an abundance of shops and beautiful beaches 🏝️.

To know more about your stay as a guest at Cristaland, please check our guest information here

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